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Starting October 1st RevUp

Babson & Associates Primary Care continues to be deeply invested in the health and improving the quality of our patients care. We are happy to announce that our practice is now offering a new, Medicare-covered* benefit, through a program called RevUp. The program is designed to extend our practice’s health care services in-between regular office visits and provide our patients with day-to-day support. Our goal is for our patients to maintain or even improve overall health leading to a decrease number of urgent face-to face office visits and overall cost saving to our patients.
RevUp provides the following benefits:

  • Personalized coaching from a dedicated RevUp Health Care Team, led by a Registered Nurse
  • Ability to ask health questions anytime using a computer, smartphone, or over the phone
  • Coaching in line with the care plan created by our providers for the patient’s conditions
  • Reminders about prescribed medications
  • Privately track important health information that is shared only with your RevUp Health Care Team and your Doctor
  • Your Doctor will review regular updates on your on-going care to help you stay connected between office visits
  • Caregiver Program - If you would like some to help with RevUp, ask about the Caregiver Program. With your permission, you can allow a trusted family member or caregiver to record your information on your behalf. Your caregiver will have full access to your RevUp account and can communicate with your Health Care Team.

Someone from our team will be reaching out to our patients soon to offer enrollment in the program.
Babson & Associates Primary Care knows this program can make a difference in how our patients feel and their overall health. We look forward to discussing the progress of our participating patients during their next in-office visit.

In good health,
 Babson & Associates Primary Care

* Like all Medicare Part B services, a co-insurance payment is required. If you have a Medi-Gap-type supplemental medical policy, you may not be responsible for any payment. Patients who have not met their deductible for the year may be responsible for meeting their yearly deductible first, if they do not have secondary insurance or if their secondary insurance does not cover deductibles. Regardless of your insurance coverage, the front desk will be able to provide additional information regarding any billing concerns.​​