Babson & Associates Primary Care, P.C.

Babson & Associates Primary Care, P.C.
1331 Prairie Ave Ste 1
Cheyenne, Wy 82009-4841
307 632-0728

Babson & Associates Primary Care is Wyoming's First Certified Level Three Patient Centered Medical Home.

Babson and Associates Primary Care serving patients throughout Wyoming, across the western plains of Nebraska, and the front range of the Rocky Mountains for over 35 years. We offer comprehensive medical care for the entire family. Other services include occupational physicals including FAA medical exams and DOT medical exams.

Our belief is to provide patient-centered medical care which integrates the patient as an active participant in their health and well-being. The relationships we build with our patients evolve over the decades to provide optimal health throughout a lifetime. Our staff is composed of dedicated health professionals, chosen for their knowledge, willingness to help others, and ability to communicate with patients.​

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