Accountable Care Organization Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health (ACO REACH)​​

The Practice of Babson & Associates Primary Care and all providers are voluntarily taking part in this new initiative by joining Aledade because we think it will help us provide better quality care for our patients. 

The ACO REACH Model provides novel tools and resources for health care providers to work together in an accountable care organization (ACO) to improve the quality of care for people with Traditional Medicare. REACH ACOs are comprised of different types of providers, including primary and specialty care physicians. To help advance health equity, the ACO REACH Model requires all participating ACOs to have a robust plan describing how they will meet the needs of people with Traditional Medicare in underserved communities and make measurable changes to address health disparities. 

Aledade brings together groups of doctors and/or other health care providers that work together to improve the quality and experience of care you receive. Coordinated care can avoid wasted time and costs for repeated tests and unneeded appointments. It may make it easier to spot potential problems before they become more serious. 

ACO’s require an Annually Attribution. Babson & Associates Primary Care are asking for your assistance with completing a Voluntary Alignment form. This form can be completed in the office at the time of service, or you may open the link on this page and bring it with you to your visit. Completing and returning this form is voluntary. It won’t affect your Medicare benefits. 

​​​Babson & Associates Primary Care, P.C.